PCR primer design

Pierre_Talbot at Infopuq.UQUEBEC.CA Pierre_Talbot at Infopuq.UQUEBEC.CA
Thu Mar 16 20:48:29 EST 1995

What is the best PCR Primer design software for Macintosh. We have GenWorks 
that does it but is not the best because it is only one of its features. We 
have ordered OLIGO 4.0 but were troubled by messages here that it was too 
strict. RightPrimer has recently come across as a good idea (primers are 
compared to GenBank to increase specificity). A discussion here made a 
reference to Amplify, although it is not clear if it is available for Mac. 
Your input would be much appreciated.
Pierre_Talbot at iaf.uquebec.ca

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