M-13 Purification kits

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In article <claude.37.00171ABC at mcs.net>, claude at mcs.net (Claude Baker) writes:
>Anyone know who makes a good M-13 purification Kit??? How about same for 
>mitochondrial DNA???

All DNA purification kits I have bought so far are one or the other published
lysis procedures coupled to the use of a column ( of which there are two basic
types ). I sincerely think that using such kits for M13 purification is a waste
of money, unless you are forbidden to use phenol at your place or want to
use a robotic station. There is nothing easier than purifying M13, which has
been properly grown (i.e. has a sufficient titer). As for mtDNA, you should be
able to combine your *lysis* procedure ( e.g. proteinase K step ) with a
plasmid purification kit ( there are several ). Some netters have also
suggested that elution with prewarmed buffer results in better yields with
ion-exchange type columns. If you have problems with M13 purification, mail me
directly for details and references. Hope this helps,

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