Stratagene SurfZAP phage display vector

Shahram Mori smori at
Thu Mar 16 23:56:52 EST 1995

Daniel Kim (dkim at wrote:

: Hello:

: I am interested in doing random mutagenesis on a protein expressed as a 
: phage display library.  While looking for a suitable vector, I was told 
: that Stratagene has a new product called SurfZap.  The company will be 
: sending me some literature on it, but I was wondering if there is anyone 
: who has already used it?  Is it convenient to use?  Is it a dog?

: Thanks.

: Daniel Kim		dkim at

It's a neat system where the ligase and the restriction enzyme are both 
present. The restriction enzyme cuts the vector and the unless the 
fragment of interest is inserted the restriction site is restored again 
and will be cut again. Once the correct fragment incorporates the restriction
site is lost. I am getting ready to use it myself.
P.S. Dan, Dr O'CONNEL's lab has used it successfully. It's supposed to be
really easy and effective.
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