Km of glutamate dehydrogenase

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Fri Mar 17 05:03:07 EST 1995

      I am looking for the Km values of the enzyme
 glutamate dehydrogenase (from bovine liver) for the
 main substrates: glutamate, NAD(P), oxoglutarate and NAD(P)H

This enzyme is so well known that I am sure this information must 
exist somewhere. However, I have search Methods in Enzymol.,
 Boyer's 'The Enzymes' and Bergmeyer's without success.
 Probably the editions I have in my library are too new! 

If any of you could give me a reference or a hint on where to search
I would be very grateful.

I need this information now for my research. In the worst case
I can measure it myself. But I want to raise a question:
 valuable, old, information may be lost because it is unaccesible.
The Web (for instance, the ExPASy server) is plenty of molecular
 information about sequence and structure of proteins, but this
 "irrelevant" information is missing.

Enrique Castro,
Dept. Bioquimica, UCM
enrcaslt at

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