CO2 Cell Culture Incubator

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Fri Mar 17 14:58:43 EST 1995

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> In my tissue culture days, I purchased a Heraeus CO2 incubator with a 
> copper interior. It didn't look too nice inside once the verdigris 
> developed but boy was it a good incubator and I got hardly any fungal 
> contamination, even with several years of continouus culture and no 
> antimycotics.

We also like our Heraeus.  A couple of small gripes:

One of the air pumps went out suddenly, throwing the CO2 concentration WAY
high.  As I recall, this problem wasn't apparent until I checked the CO2
with a Fyrite.

Some kind of copper oxide (?) precipitate keeps clogging the microporous
tube in the bottom water reservoir through which the incoming gas is
bubbled.  This would eventually SEAL OFF the gas supply!  I got tired of
scraping the stuff off the tube and finally just sliced it open with a
razor blade.  Nobody at the company seems to have heard of this happening

NO contamination problems;  we use distilled water in the bottom reservoir
with no additives.

You have to check it regularly and rebuild the oxygen sensor occasionally
(pretty easy);  basically it runs itself and you're tempted to forget
about it, so that if something does go awry you might overlook it unless
you schedule routine checks.  

Ours has a gas shutoff toggle switch in the front that you can use when
you're opening the door often;  I'm scared to death of this 'cause it's
too easy to forget to turn it back on and I have it taped in the "ON"
position since it looks awfully easy to shut your gas off accidentally.

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