Toothpicks for PCR

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>> We just ran a side by side comparison of toothpick vs yellow tip and 
>> found no inhibition of the  PCR reaction. 
>Therefore, I deduce that your particular primers and other unstated conditions
>are perhaps extremely robust in comparison with various other people's
>conditions, OR your assay for inhibition is uselessly insensitive.  The
>information you post is almost meaningless in the absence of additional
>data.  Cripes, good thing the net ain't refereed or we'd miss such jewels
>of negative evidence.
The reason why in another post I advocate the use of Metal Needles, is related
to the problem of robustiness ( sorry, if the word is not spelled correctly ).
The problem with colony picking is more often that of taking too much ( for
which yellow tips are well suited ), rather then too little. Since needles
worked well in the hands of numerous students that made this experiment, with
a number of different cyclers and in several labs, I have the courage to
advocate this ( rather strange ) tool. There are numerous kinds of tips now,
and some of them do have really sharp point. Those latter may be better for
colony picking, then others. Have a nice weekend, everybody

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