Microwave techniques?

Eric C. Anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Fri Mar 17 12:59:47 EST 1995

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> Does anyone have any information on molecular biology techniques which use 
> microwaves.  A colleque of mine had heard of techniques using microwave ovens 
> to do restriction digests, but we can't find the references.  Also, I seem to 
> remember something about using microwaves to lyse bacteria for doing minipreps 
> and also for doing colony blots?  I would appreciate any leads on these 
> techniques.

while i have never used them, they seem to be mythical bionet creatures who
surface occassionally and are seen by only a few people but heard of by
many.  personally, i wouldn't put too much stock in them.  if they were for
real and worked very well, they would be published by now, at least in
biotechniques or something like that.


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