Manuel Maria SIMON Simon at
Sat Mar 18 11:43:34 EST 1995

> I've only seen the demo.  As I recall, it was way out of my price
> range (at the time, at least) so I stopped considering it.  I'm
> once again looking for a good Windows-based program like that,
> so I may reconsider.  I've also looked at the GeneRunner demo,
> which looks pretty nice also.
I have also only seen a demonstration version of Vector NTI.
The price for VectorNTI is also to high for us. I have used 
Generunner in my former lab, it was really nice. However, the
printout with labelling of coding regions and where you can 
add text, as provided by VectorNTI is not very good in Generunner, at 
least in the version we had. 

Isnt there any freeware making good hardcopies of vector images?

Manuel M. SIMON PhD
Center of Applied Genetics
Univ. of BOKU Vienna

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