M-13 Purification kits

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Sat Mar 18 14:51:49 EST 1995

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> On 15 Mar 1995, Claude Baker wrote:
> > Anyone know who makes a good M-13 purification Kit??? How about same for 
> > mitochondrial DNA???
> > Claude
> > 
> > 
> > 
> Promega's M13 Wizard works OK.
> Luis Alvarez
> luism at helix.nih.gov

What does OK mean.  I have used ssDNA isolation kits from Qiagen for preps
of phagemid ssDNA.  I got ssDNA, but it was not useful for sequencing.  I
finally went back to PEG/salt ppt followed by extensive organic
extractions.  If Promega's kit yields sequencing grade ssDNA I would be
very interested in trying this out.

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