suggestions on automated DNA sequencer?

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Tue Mar 21 02:12:02 EST 1995

In article <3k3htl$r80 at>, mcbhongy at (Hong Yan (Dr)) writes:
> We are looking for an automated DNA sequencer, Applied Biosystem model 
> Prism 377 and Pharmacia A.L.F. DNA sequencer are high on the list. It 
> would be appreciated that anybody using these machines give me some 
> suggestions or tell me your experience of using them, e.g. running cost, 
> difficulty of using etc.
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WE use the Pharmacia one. I would say the price is reasonable. Consumables are 
not too expensive. No complaints so far. Service from the company is very good.
I would say the most important things are how good the service will be and 
how quick you can get the reagents when you are running out. I have no 
experience with the Applied Biosystem one. Everyone in Hong Kong is using the 
Pharmicia one.

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