Triton X-114 Endotoxin Removal-S.O.S. 2

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Mon Mar 20 22:59:30 EST 1995

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>Dear mthd-rgnt users,
>	I am trying to remove endotoxin in plasmid preps in order to 
>obtain highly-pure transfectable DNA.

(correction: I meant obtaining pure DNA for the transfection of 
 I have been using Polymixin B 
>(coupled to agarose beads) and this works quite efficiently in removing 
>endotoxin.  Unfortunately, Boehringer Mannheim is discontinuing this 
>product, and I have read in articles that Triton x 114 (Sigma) can  
>remove endotoxin from plasmid preps just as efficiently. I have tried 
>using this reagent and so far, my efforts have been unfruitful. Has 
>anyone used Triton x 114 as an endotoxin remover and if so, could you 
>please send me your comments, suggestions and/or protocol. Thank you in 
>Martin Sorich
>sorichma at
>msorich at

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