Ab for ferritin?

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>Dear netters:
>      I plan to do the immunohistochemistry to see the ferritin 
>protein expression in rabbit sample, does anybody know which antibodies I 
>can use and where I can obtain? (both H- and L-chain ferritin)
>                            Jonghwei

I have used ferritin antiserum from Boehringer-Mannheim (#605 022) for
immunoprecipitations. Although this antiserum was made in rabbits, it does
recognise the rabbit's own ferritin. I have tested by using radioactively
labelled whole blood.
I do not know if they work for immunohistochemistry. You might have a
problem as the ferritin polypeptides are arranged in a shell. I had some
problems with Westerns, but principally they work for that too.

Did you consider to stain for the iron instead?



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