shake after electroporation?

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Mon Mar 20 13:25:57 EST 1995

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> Qunfeng Dong (qfdong at wrote:
> : Hi,there:
> :    I used to shake cells after electroporation at 37C for 1 hrs, somebody
> : told me it'd better not shake,just plate cells! the reason is that if cells 
> : grow quickly, the plasmid DNA could be kicked out of cells. I never heard
> : this before, is it right?

I would suggest that the 37 C recovery is helpful -  its the Shaking part
that may be adverse to the proceedure as you are trying to gain entry of
you Dna into the cells -  but if you treat them too harshly (shaking?) 
that this may not be of assistance. I've plated immediately and after half
hour stationary incub. the latter certainly gives you better results but
the former works when you're in a hurry!
Good Luck

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