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>Subject: TA cloning -Promega
>Date: 14 Mar 1995 02:10:42 GMT

>I have been using the TA cloning Kit (p-Gem T system) by Promega.  
>Talking to others, I found out that the T overhangs on the PCR products 
>falls off after a certain amount of time, therefore decreasing the 
>cloning efficiency in a TA system.  The best way was to PCR, and then 
>immediately clone into vector.  Has anyone else heard anyting like this?

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I have the Invitrogen TA cloning kit (pCR vector) and they say to have fresh 
(less than 24 hours old) PCR product for the same reason. I haven't actually 
tried it yet, though.

Nadine Henderson
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Dundee, Scotland

(what's a UCD alumna doing as far away as Scotland?!?)

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