Analysis of 2D-gels with scanner and PC

John M. Garrison 74222.3137 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Mar 19 23:25:37 EST 1995

For analysis of 2D gels using a PC, I would suggest a package 
called Phoretix.  The software is available from Biometra, which 
is based in the U.K.

Sorry, I don't have their phone or adress handy, give me an 
e-mail if you can't find it and I will try to look it up.

The software is not cheap.  It comes in two versions.  The "lite" 
version compares 2 gels at a time, and I think it sells for about 
US $8,000.  The full blown version, which can essentially compare 
an unlimited number of gels, sales for about US $15,000.

Good luck,
John G.

John M. Garrison
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