Microwave techniques?

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Tue Mar 21 08:28:45 EST 1995

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> @article{Jhingan1992,
> author = "A. K. Jhingan",
> title = "Microwave restriction enzyme digestion of {DNA}",
> journal = "Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology",
> volume = "3",
> pages = "270-274",
> year = "1992"}

I came across this ref above a while back and have just finally got
around to looking for it. Unfortunately MEDLINE (on 1991-1994) can find
only 3 articles by Jhingan, and none match the one above. However, there
seems to be no record of any article from the journal "Methods in
Molecular and Cellular Biology" so maybe it exists but is not recorded by
MEDLINE. Our copyright library here has no record of this journal either.

Can anyone tell me where I can find this, or even better, give a very
brief precis of what it says?

TIA, Johnny D

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