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Tue Mar 21 07:26:05 EST 1995

Hello everyone.

I'm about to go through a big DNA-extraction campaign (who isn't? ;). The
lab I work in use the phenol/chloroform method, which is time (and health)
consuming. I looked about other methods to extract DNA, and I was told about
Chelex. Using Chelex seems the miracle solution (roughly, I understood that
you just had to mix your samples with Chelex, heat, spin, reheat, and that's
all - the actual protocol being just a little more elaborate).
I was wondering whether anyone out there uses Chelex for DNA extraction,
whith what kind of tissue (fresh? frozen?), if you could use it with samples
stored in storage buffers (whichever), if the DNA is of good quality (for
PCR purpose), if this method is really as simple as it seems?

thanks a lot for any information/references you might have on this matter.


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