suppliers of Fse1,Sse83871, BspG1 ???

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Wed Mar 22 14:49:52 EST 1995

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> Does anyone know who supplies the restriction enzymes Fse1, Sse83871
> and BspG1?
> Thanks in advance
> Alison harvey
> Harvey at

FseI:      Amersham Life Sciences-USB  (TEL: 1-800-341-7543)
           New England BioLabs  (TEL: 1-800-632-5227)
           Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd.  (TEL: +81 75-241-5177)

Sse8387I:  Amersham Life Sciences-USB  (TEL: 1-800-341-7543)
           Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd.  (TEL: +81 75-241-5177) 

BspGI:     not commercially available    
Paul Riggs
New England Biolabs
riggs at

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