Direct fluorescein labeling of DNA

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Wed Mar 22 13:20:24 EST 1995

>   edbeaty at (Edward Beaty) writes:
>  I'm wondering if it's possible to directly (non-enzymatically) link
>  fluorescein to DNA.  I know you can incorporate fluoresceinated (?)
>  nucleic acids into DNA by Klenow or terminal transferase, but I was
>  wondering if there's a simpler chemical method using fluorescein
>  isothiocyanate or another deriviative.  Also, if it is possible, has
>  anyone tried to use this DNA for hybridizations i.e. Southern blots? 
WARNING: I work for Molecular Dynamics, a partner in the Vistra 
 Alliance which produces the product I mention in this posting.

At the risk of appearing “commercial”  we have just released a 
5’ Oligolabelling kit.  This kit enables the efficient labeling of standard,
 deblocked oligonucleotides with a single fluorescein at the 5’ end using
 a 2 step protocol.  Any pre-existing oligonucleotides possessing a 
5’ hydroxyl group can be labeled.  We have not tried using probes labeled 
with this kit on Southerns.  This kit was designed primarily for labeling
 primers for PCR or oligos for gel-shift assays.

For more information contact us @ info at or  800-9VI-STRA

Mea Culpa,
david hanzel
hanzel at

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