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> Hi netters 
> I am working with a human gene that is expressed in all tissues except
> muscle. I would like to examine why my gene is extinguished in skeletal muscle
> using in vitro reporter gene assays (like CAT etc.) Now the question is how
> do I do this? In other words : Which cell line meets my demands of being
> of terminally differentiated striated muscle origin and how do I treat it?
> All suggestions are extremely welcome

I believe there is a Murine C2C12 cell line, forms myoblasts in cultures
(high serum) and can be differentiated into myotubes (skeletal muscle) in
low serum conditions..

check out ATCC ( i think they may supply it.

otherwise perform a medline search...I know Nadia Rosenthal of BU used to
use this cell line for promoter bashing work.

> Soeren

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