M13 antibodies for phage display

williams at bscr.uga.edu williams at bscr.uga.edu
Wed Mar 22 16:54:36 EST 1995

In article <2F6DDD41 at smtpgw.lifetech.com>, DSCHUSTE at lifetech.com ("Schuster, David") writes:
>Dear Netters,
>I am looking for antibodies directed against M13 coat proteins to use in 
>phage display work.   I want to set up an ELISA assay to verify that my 
>cloned insert is indeed expressed on the phage surface.   Does anyone know 
>of sources, commercial or academic, for such reagents?
>Please reply directly to my E-mail address (dschuste at lifetech.com).
>Thanks in advance.

	Five-prime three-prime sells sheep anti-M13 polyclonal serum, either in kits 
or as individual reagents.  They are located in Boulder CO; phone: 
	Have had no difficulty in using it, but M13 phage are sticky and give 
high background in most assays.

Good luck.

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