Direct fluorescein labeling of DNA

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Pierce Chemical has a system called OligoLink which converts
the 5' Phosphate to a primary amine. Once that is done, you
can react the NH2-DNA with NHS-Fluorescein (also Pierce) and
you have what you were looking for. The kit is sold in two
parts, one is the above described part, the other is activated
alk. phos. which will latch on the the activated DNA. The first
kit actually gives you a choice of making NH2 or SH respectively.
In article <edbeaty-2103951544380001 at>, edbeaty at (Edward Beaty) says:
>I'm wondering if it's possible to directly (non-enzymatically) link
>fluorescein to DNA.  I know you can incorporate fluoresceinated (?)
>nucleic acids into DNA by Klenow or terminal transferase, but I was
>wondering if there's a simpler chemical method using fluorescein
>isothiocyanate or another deriviative.  Also, if it is possible, has
>anyone tried to use this DNA for hybridizations i.e. Southern blots?
>Thanks for your help.
>Edward Beaty
>Department of Microbiology
>University of Illinois-Urbana
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