HELP! Need enzyme (cyclophilin) fast

J.P. Germanas chem8q at
Thu Mar 23 13:34:35 EST 1995

		Can someone out there help me? I'm in a real bind. Our group needs a
amount (100 micrograms) of the enzyme cyclophilin to finish up a few expts
for a conference presentation in a few weeks. The only commercial supplier
I know that sells it (SIGMA) is out at the moment and doesn't expect to 
have it until the middle of April (too late). According to their tech
support, they obtain it from another supplier in Japan, but couldn't tell
me who this supplier is. We don't have enough time to isolate it ourselves
from a natural source. If someone knows of another supplier of any form of
cyclophilin, or would be willing to lend us  a small amount (we'd repay
you later with material we'd isolate from calf thymus), we'd would be
appreciative. Thanks for your help! 

J. P. 

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