Qiagen 96-well

maria at acme.llnl.gov maria at acme.llnl.gov
Thu Mar 23 17:55:41 EST 1995


We are using Qiagen's 96-well manifold to isolate M13's. They have been working out so far but recently, a collegue in our lab is only able to isolate 12 random samples out of 96.  When she repeats the experiment on the regular 8-strip manifold, she is able to isolate all 96 in very good quantities.

This has been going on for the past week and a half and every time she repeats the experiement on the 8-strip, it works out fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  How have your experiences been? 


Maria De Jesus
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
maria at acme.llnl.gov

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