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Thu Mar 23 12:33:32 EST 1995

We simply get Current Contents on CD-ROM
In article <9503211826.aa10427 at>, betts at ORION.ETSU.EDU (GORDON BETTS) says:
>We are talking about the paucity of Journals at our institution and the
>in simply finding out the current TOC of journals we like to read.  I've run
>across a couple of journal TOC's on the 'Net but not any I read.  Does anyone
>have E-Mail addresses of various journals you could share with everyone so
>those of us who wished to could drop a line to the editors and encourage
>them to
>make their journal TOC available over the 'Net?  I order most of my reprints
>through interlibrary loan (the only advantage is I don't need a copy card) and
>this would certainly help people in my situation.
>Also, does anyone have the E-Mail/snail-mail address of the Journal of
>Gordon Betts
>Biology Dept.
>East Texas State University
>Commerce, TX 75429-3011
>The Today show did a story on people that complain.  Don't you just hate
>stories like that?  They're such a waste of time.  And besides that, they're

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