s.moore ugha103 at qmw.ac.uk
Fri Mar 24 05:28:46 EST 1995

kferri at email.unc.edu (Karen Ferri) wrote:
> Hello!  Please pardon the simple question, but I just started my first 
> job as tech. and therefore haven't learned everything yet.
> Homogenized some tissue, isolated and purified the RNA, checked OD's, and 
> ran on a gel to check RNA integrity.  For 1 sample, the gel lane was 
> blank (not even smeared, which would indicate denaturation).  I ran 3 
> gels to be sure the problem of possible RNA omission to gel lane was 
> addressed.  Still no run, even after adding extra RNA to lane.  The [] of 
> the sample (I checked it twice) was 17% lower the second time, but acc. 
> to my boss, still not low enough to not show up.
> Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!
> Karen

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