PKC assay wanted!!

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Thu Mar 23 12:34:27 EST 1995

Pierce Chemical carries many non-radioactive PKC assays.
In Holland try to call Omnilabo, or E-mail Pierce at
PierceChem at for the phone/fax # in NL.
Also they have phosphocellulose units for PKC (radioactive).
The non-radioactive kits work well, but they are not
QUITE as sensitive as the 32-P ones.
In article <3kok21$olb at>, <leon at> says:
>I'm looking for an easy way to determine PKC activity. I know
>there are several (non)radioactive kits for PKA; are they also
>available for PKC, and from which company?
>Any help on this PKC-activity subject is wellcome to:
>leon at

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