Attachment of primary cell cultures

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> In a paper published in 1990, it was suggested that culture flasks be
> coated with Poly-D-Lysine to aid in cell attachment to the culture flask
> surface.  I am currently using petri dishes specially designed for cell
> cultures, and am wondering if it is still necessary to coat the petri
> dishes with the Poly-D-Lysine when establishing a primary cell culture. 
> Are the petri dishes already coated with poly-d-Lysine or must I coat them
> myself or need they be coated at all?

Depends on the culture...

for example fibroblasts or glial cells will stick like glue to any
non-coated tissue culture dish. However, neurons are pretty sensitive. For
example the neurons I use will only stick to poly-D-lysine coated Nunc
Culture dishes...!!! They will not stick to poly-D-lysine coated falcon
dishes (they do - but come away in sheets after 7 DIC).

If your cells stick without poly-D-lysine, then save yourself some bucks!
Otherwise try poly-D-lysine...a cheaper alternative is to use
rat-tail-collagen...pretty easy to make yourself from tails of dead rats!


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