LacZ Xsomal deletions

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Sat Mar 25 07:33:49 EST 1995

Hi Folks,

I want to delete lacZ in E.coli. Now there are a few strains I can 
transduce a deletion from but I'm unsure of what the best selection 
method is. Obviuosly I can use IPTG/Xgal or Maconkey plates etc but I 
may have to plate like 100000 colonies just to get my mutation, kind 
of looking for the needle in the haystack.

So deletion 1 is the standard delta(lac-proAB). 
Deletion 2 is delta(argF-lac)U169
Finally delta(lac)X74, but is this a complete deletion.

I would prefer not to have a transposon linked deletion, selection 
may be easy but it then limits the plasmids one can subsequently use.

I'm sorry if this is all very obvious. It's at times like this when 
I wish I had opted for a genetic unit during my biochem degree many 
years ago.

Many thanks


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