Microwave techniques?

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Sun Mar 26 03:05:09 EST 1995

In article <3ka3ha$9kv at serv1.vossnet.co.uk>, jhodgson at serv1.vossnet.co.uk (John Hodgson) writes:
> Only vague information, sorry - but you could try to get hold of a guy
> called Ronnie Ray at the Royal Post-graduate Medical School, Hammersmith,
> London, UK. His company, Inceltec, has developed a microwave-based
> technique for in situ DNA amplification. Dont have e-mail or tel with me,
> but if you want them mail me. 
> The other use of microwave I heard about was to stick DNA onto
> nitrocellulose membranes in hybridisation. 
>  > John Hodgson, jhodgson at serv1.vossnet.co.uk 

Whoa!!! Aren't you liable to cause an explosion this way?  Don't 
forget why we always used to bake nitrocellulose in a VACUUM 
oven - because it is violently combustible in oxygen.....

However, I use a microwave to fix colonies to NYLON membranes all 
the time, as posted here earlier...



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