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>Hi Folks,

>For those of you in the UK where do you get your toothpicks from? The 
>kind I want are as follows and used to come my way from a college. 
>They can no longer get them and I'm getting very low!

>Toothpicks are flat, approx 1mm thick, 55mm long, one end round 
>approx 2.5mm wide narrowing to roughly 0.5mm. I do not want 
>round pointed cocktail sticks. I will buy as many as I have to ie
>10x6 if necessary etc.

>Many many thanks 


Sorry I can't help you there.  I prefer (and always use) the round 
"cocktail"toothpicks.  These have several advantages such as
1. transferring minute quantities of cells into tubes
2. picking single colonies which from dense population
3. picking single colonies from surrounding untransformed but viable bacteria

But., the most wonderful thing about them is
4. they stick to (pierce into) your finger skin and so are much easier to 
remove from the small, autoclaved beaker of them.

Sure, you can call me old fashioned, and perhaps there are a few olive stains 
on some of my "cocktail toothpicks" but they are truly vastly superior.

Best wishes in your quest,
Postdocs may be a dime a dozen, but I'd rather have a dozen than a dime

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