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> >Does anyone know what Nonidet P-40 does and where I can get some?  A
> >protein purification protocol calls for 0.01% Nonidet P-40 in all of the
> >buffers.
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> Try Calbiochem.  Sigma doesn't carry this any more.
> Chris

>Sorry Chris but Sigma still carries it (1995 catalogue, cat. number 6507 -
usual disclaimer). And to Laura, NP-40 is a nonionic detergent; I use it
to remove virus envelope and permabilize virus capsid.


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Nonidet P-40 is the same as Triton X-100, which is a common nonionic
detergent used in many extraction protocols to solubilize membranes, very
good for nuclear membranes. As already somebody stated, it has a polar
polyethylenglycol chain and a  non-polar tail to interact with membranes,
leading to the formation of lipids trapped in water-soluble micelles.

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