Slowly migrating EGF receptor in SDS-PAGE

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Mon Mar 27 13:30:06 EST 1995

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> Hi, I immunoadsorbed the EGF receptor and eluted it, dialyzed to remove
the     detergent in the presence of added lipid, assayed for tyrosine
kinase activity. The prep. was run on 7.5% SDS-PAGE after heating the
sample at 60C for 3 min.   in Laemmli's sample buffer. The autoradiogram
has all receptors at the very top of the gel. Need help desperately!.
> A

I forgot to mention also that, depending on the detergent you used in the
immunopurification, you may not have removed it by dialysis--are you SURE
you did.  For example, if you have a lot of Triton X-100 present in your
samples  the SDS in your sample buffer will form mixed micelles with the
nonionic detergent, leaving little SDS remaining to bind to and denature
your protein(s).

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