MW of IgG?

To: Nikolai troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Mar 27 12:01:33 EST 1995

>Date:   24-MAR-1995 16:49
>From: aquilla at (Tracy Aquilla)
>Description: MW of IgG?
>Anyone know the molecular weight of IgG? Thanks.
>    tracy

Hi, there.

In reduced SDS gel antibodies run as two polypeptide chains. The two
heavy-chains run at appr. 55 kDa, and two light-chains are about 25 kDa. So
one culd calculate overage weight of antibodies as 110+50. However, each of
antibody producing hybridomas will slightly different modify the protein
(glycosilation, S-S briges), so that in particular cases one could see
presense 12.5 kDa and/or 75 kDa products, and overal weight of antibodies
could be about 170 kDa (depends of each class and etc).


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