in vitro transcription/translation

Manuel Maria SIMON Simon at
Tue Mar 28 11:07:11 EST 1995

Yasha at (Yasha Hartberg) wrote:
> I am looking for advice on finding a good in vitro
> transcription/translation system for producing protein from a cDNA clone. 
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

High Yasha

I used PROMEGA coupled Reticulocyte Lysate. It´s called TNT and does 
transcription and translation in one tube. 
It worked really fine (To come first: I´m NOT from PROMEGA!). Since 
it is not very cheap we also tried to rebuild the kit which also 
worked. To my opinion to optimize your kit yourself pays only 
if you plan to translate frequently for a long period of time.

Manuel M SIMON PhD
Center of Applied Genetics
Univ. BOKU Vienna

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