Random Peptide Libraries Workshop

R. Wayne Litaker fleurs at med.unc.edu
Tue Mar 28 10:16:49 EST 1995

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
May 14 - 26, 1995

This hands-on Workshop will feature the use of both biologically generated
and synthetic random peptide libraries for identifying peptide ligands to 
target molecules. Participants will learn how to construct and screen M13
 bacteriophage-displayed random peptide libraries as well as methods for
 characterizing binding phage and peptides. Participants will also learn
 how to generate and screen synthetic 96 pin-format peptide libraries. The
 various libraries will be screened with antibodies and cellular proteins.
 Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring their own targets for
 screening. The course will provide detailed protocols for all relevant
 techniques and will be accompanied by lectures from invited speakers.

Tuition is $ 2,150.00
Deadline -April 20, 1995

Instructors:  Brian K. Kay, Department of Biology, University of North
 Carolina, N. Joe Maeji, & Jeanick Pascal, Chiron Mimotopes Peptide Systems,
 Melbourne, Australia & San Diego, California

TO APPLY, send a curriculum vitae and a brief letter describing your research
 interests.  Applicants should contact the program office as soon as possible.
  Please indicate your complete mailing address and telephone/fax number. 
 Full consideration will be given to applications received by April 20, 1995.

For further information or to apply, contact:
Dr. Wayne Litaker, Facility Director
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Program in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
402 Taylor Hall CB 7100 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina  27599-7100
TELEPHONE: (919) 966-1730,  FAX (919) 966-6821

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