oxidation of SS bridges

Christopher Walentas Bioc cdw1000 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 28 03:37:34 EST 1995


I was wondering if anyone could share their favorite protocol for
the oxidising of disulhpide bridges.  I've engineered in a couple
to stabilise my enzyme, and they're there as far as a DTNB assay 
under denaturing conditions is concerned, but the buggers don't
seem to want to form.  Perhaps they never will, but I'd like to
exhaust other options first.  Folki have mentioned CuSO4, K3Fe(CN)6
and iodosobenzoic acid, but I've got to track down some protocols
to get an idea of final concentrations, pH, etc...  ANY help on
the subject would be appreciated!

Cheers in advance!


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