Methylmercuric hydroxide- SOURCE?

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Tue Mar 28 16:34:30 EST 1995

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>You can obtain methyl mercury hydroxide from:

>Hope this helps, we use it to denature mRNA for the synthesis of cDNA
>Formaldehyde gels are also pretty simple, we use the method in
>Davis LG, Dibner MD, Battey JF
>Basic Methods in Molecular Biology
>Elsevier, New York, 1986  pg.143
>which uses 0.66M formaldehyde in the gel and running buffer.

Check with your institution's policy on hazardous waste before you
order.  Under a (1992?) law, mercury waste can not be disposed of
anywhere in the US.  Our university has to ship mercury waste
overseas for disposal, and they charge thousands of dollars to do

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