plasmid nomeclature

"Mayer, Jorge ", 3637 J.MAYER at CGNET.COM
Tue Mar 28 15:32:00 EST 1995

>I have a rather simple question regarding the description of a plasmid as
presented in a paper.  The plasmid contains multiple genes that have been
spliced together and this is described in the paper as "CAB::LUC::E9".  I
know the CAB, LUC, and E9.  Is there any significance to the "::"?  Does
it have a specific meaning ?  Excuse the ignorance if this is common.

"::" ----- I normally read this convention as an insert interrupting some 
gene, in this case it seems to be a luc insert in cab, while the luc itself 
contains the e9, is that right?

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