Manuel Maria SIMON Simon at
Wed Mar 29 03:53:07 EST 1995

> Dear Bionetters,
> Our deptartment is going to buy a phosphoimager.  Would anyone tell me which 
> one is the best in the market?  Any comment on the phosphoimager is very 
> wellcome.  Thank you very much.

High Ming Chiu Fung

Very recently I heard from a new product from Biorad which can be 
used for radioactive and fluorescence samples within the same machine. 
The apparatus is called Molecular Imager (or so). I did not test it so far, 
but I´ve seen a demonstration. In my institute we are increasingly 
prefering fluorescence techniques whenever possible, therefore an
appropriate flexible imaging device would be required.
The price of the machine is really not low (but cheaper than the "real"
Phosphorimager" from Molecular Dynamics), so I think one should 
wait a little bit until cheaper alternative products are on the 
market. I´m sure such machines will come.

Hope it helps

Manuel M SIMON PhD
Center of Applied Genetics
Univ. BOKU Vienna

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