Cross-linking in proteins?

To: Nikolai troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Mar 29 12:52:58 EST 1995

>Date:   27-MAR-1995 00:19
>From: ahillar at your-servername.Lan1.UManitoba.CA
>Description: Cross-linking in proteins?
>Anybody out there know of some useful general references for procedures used 
>to generate cross links between protein subunits, protein-prosthetic groups, 

Hi, there.

Cross-linking itself is generally quite complicated procedure. Some people
used glutaralgehyde to cross-link the proteins, however, I belive that by
this way you will cross-link evrything :-).
More reasonable way is to use bifunctional imidoesters. At appropriate
condition they will produce an exelent picture of the product being
Look for it in Pierce catalog. You`ll find cross-linking reactivity guide,
description of each reagent and appropriate references.


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