TA cloning : clone contamination

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Thu Mar 30 16:07:53 EST 1995

If you are cloning products that are very short, somtimes they will be 
in frame with the beta-gal gene and the colonies will be blue even 
though they contain an insert.  I often find that the colonies are 
lighter blue when this happens.

chukins (@fs1.ho.man.ac.uk) wrote:

> I cloned a PCR product using TA cloning, I picked white colonies , 
> analysed rapidly with PCR using the same primers I originally used for my 
> PCR product , they were all positive.
> After O/N culture in liquid media, I did  streak my white colonies, 
> surprisingly I found blue colonies growing on my plates that had X-Gal.
> Is there any logical explanation for this apart from the very remote 
> possibility of contamination?Please help.

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