Mosaicism in X. laevis embryos

anmab2 at anmab2 at
Thu Mar 30 02:07:47 EST 1995


Our research group is currently using micro injected X. laevis 
embryos to study temporal and tissue-specific expression of several 
genes during development.

We have been using a LacZ reporter system coupled with standard X-
Gal staining.  To date, our results have been spotty due to mosaicism 
in the embryos.

We have experimented with injecting both supercoiled and linearized 
plasmid DNA, with similar results.  We get only slightly better results 
if we  inject the 4 cell stage embryo in each of the four cells.  Any 
suggestions on how to minimize the problem of mosaicism will be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Reese Bolinger
University of Alaska, Anchorage  anmab2 at

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