YAC fingerprinting

Simon Foote foote at wehi.edu.au
Thu Mar 30 00:28:19 EST 1995

Henry Keil (blsthhk at brunel.ac.uk) wrote:
: Hi everybody,

: we intend to carry out some YAC-fingerprinting on restricted 
YAC-clones derived
 from chromosome 13 using IRS-elements as probes.
: We are not quite certain whether LINEs or Alu-repeats are the better source 
for doing this experiment and what subtypes are most useful. 
: Also does anyone know where one can obtain clones from which contain either 
of these sequences as inserts.

Either work well, the difference is that you obviously see more bands if 
an Alu probe is used and therefore the informative region of the gel is 
that where there are fewer bands, i.e. among the smaller fragments wheras 
L1's, being less abundant are informative across the entire range of 
separable sizes. It is not necessary to use clones, you  may use oligos.

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