Phosphorimager Questions

John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Thu Mar 30 12:54:44 EST 1995

	For most purposes there is a simpler method for getting 
photo-quality output from your phosphoimager (at least it seems to work 
for us, and I've heard rumors of other labs doing this as well):
	We make up the diagram on the computer using the phosphorimager 
data file (at 200micron resolution) with Powerpoint or Excel, then print 
this to a HP4 laserprinter at 600dpi in a calibrated grayscale setting.  
The page that comes out looks a little grainy, so then you use 
high-contrast B&W slide film to photograph it; the slides come out great 
and can't be distinguished from an autorad photograph.  If you want 
glossy prints of the image, have a photoshop make them from the slide 
(you could try photgraphing directly to negative film and printing, but I 
suspect it wouldn't look as good - has anyone out there tried this?)
	I think this is cheaper and fater than finding a dye-sublimation 
printer; in fact, if all you want is the slides then you can do the whole 
process in your own lab in about an hour and a half.

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