How do you calculate annealling temperature if DMSO added???

Bixing Huang huangbx at DEAKIN.EDU.AU
Fri Mar 31 00:59:46 EST 1995

Hello netter's and friends,

I am trying so hard to amplify 700-800bp fragement from a minisatellite
region, which is 65% G-C rich part. The primer pair is 24 nt length.
Everytime I just got very faint or none bands from it. Now I am going to
use the method discussed on the net---addition DMSO in the reaction. But
how do you calculate the annealling temperture if DMSO added to the
mixture? Or do you people over there have any bright ideas to solve this

Thank you very much for your kindness.

With regards.

Bixing Huang

huangbx at
Department of Biology
Deakin University of Australia

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