Differential Display

Olivier Gandrillon ogandril at popserver.ens-lyon.fr
Fri Mar 31 02:16:47 EST 1995

Hi netters

I am currently using a newly described version of the differential display
technique that was originally described by Sokolov+Prockop (Nucleic Acid
Research; 1994; vol 22, pp 4009-4015). This is MUCH more simple that the
Liang/Pardee technique for isolating differential bands. I cloned and
sequenced one band and checked its expression by Northern: it was easily
detectable and ABSOLUTELY NOT differential. I only cloned this band after 4
different PCRs that ALL showed a differential pattern (this method allows a
large number of PCRs to be very easily performed, that's what I thought was
its main advantage...), cloned the SAME band through from two different
PCRs and thereby thought that I had taken all the necessary precautions.
Has anyone any idea on how to avoid repeating such a loss of time ? 
Has anyone ever tried this Sokolov+Prockop technique? 


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