Suggestions for increasing phage stability?

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> Hi, 
 >	Could someone please  post a good protocol for stable storage of 
 >Thank you,
 >          Kevin Lease
Hello Kevin
Are you amplifying your stocks before storage?  It's definately a good idea
to do so.  A real handy protocol for making phage stocks for freeze and 
working stocks is described in "Experiments With Gene Fusions" Silhavy, 
Berman & Enquist. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, ISBN 0-87969-163-8.  
Procedure 1 (Preparation of 2-ml High-titer lambda liquid lysates) makes a 
bunch of phage, is easy and reasonably quick.  If the phage clones are 
really important I then titer the stock to make sure I have at least 10^9 
pfu/ml.  I store my working stocks in amber wheaton vials over a drop of 
chloroform at 4 C and I keep my freezer stocks in 7% DMSO (Good quality 
DMSO is important) at -70 C.

If you have any questions let me know.

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