tissue culture cell membrane proteins

George F Edick edickg at rpi.edu
Tue Mar 28 09:29:45 EST 1995

If the proteins you're interested in are released into the medium, you might
want to think about producing conditioned medium. I use this for getting
fibronectin. Grow the cells for 24 hours in serum-free medium (to avoid
contamination with serum protein), and collect the conditioned medium (now
containing cellular proteins released during the previous 24 hours) and
further process with ammonium sulfate fractionation, etc.

An older method for isolating fibronectin from cell surfaces using urea has
been described by Yamada and Weston, Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 71(9):3492-3496

Perhaps one of these approaches could be adapted to your needs. No doubt
there are numerous other approaches floating about. Good luck.


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