CsCl vs column kits

Peter Myler mylerpj at
Fri Mar 31 12:47:47 EST 1995

On 30 Mar 1995, cynthia stryker wrote:

> We are still doing CsCl plasmid (&sometimes genomic) preps.  I'd 
> appreciate comments, + or -, on the various column kits available. 
> Thanks in advance.  Cindy at UNL

IMO, CsCl plasmid preps are a complete was of time - we have done one for 
years.  Any of the commericial kits is probably fine (we use Promega 
Wizard and QIAGEN kits) and there are many published miniprep methods 
(mostly based on alkaline lysis) which work just fine for digestion and 
sequencing and take 1/10 th of the time of CsCl preps. 


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